Hello, I'm Matt. I am the 'talent' behind the camera...

This website is my portfolio for my landscape work.

I have also launched my new sister website - Tamar Photography, which is my showcase for my Wedding, Portrait and Commercial services, which I provide for Cornwall and Devon.

I have been into photography for 20 years. I read Cybernetics at university (don't ask!), but once free and finally with access to money and a car I soon found my passion. It felt right straight away. I always had an overactive imagination, and in photography, imagination is absolutely key; the ability to 'see' the potential of a shot before even picking the camera up.

Landscapes and Wedding photography may seem at first glance an eclectic mix. However I see many similarities between these two subjects – similarities that run right to the core of what inspires me photographically. For me, photography is more than simply creating a pictorial representation of our world. I believe that a good photograph captures the emotion and atmosphere as well – a ‘moment of time’ if you will. This is true if I am capturing the glint in the eye of a bride, or the sun breaking through the clouds momentarily at the seaside.

In 2006, I followed my dream, and moved to Cornwall. Saltash to be precise. Only just in Cornwall perhaps, but this location does suit me well. Dartmoor is only a few minutes away, and I have over 100 miles of coastline throughout Cornwall and southern Devon within easy reach – including sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs and a score of quaint harbour towns. That lot will keep me busy for awhile yet!

My Star sign is Leo, I like reading, ice-cream and being outside, and dislike dishonesty, marmite and wasps.

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