Best shots of 2012

31st December 2012
2012 has been an interesting year. Certainly there has been lots of high points - I have had success in the Take a View competition, several good features in magazines, and special thank you to everyone who purchased my prints this year.

However I always remember ‘years’ by the photos I took, so here is a small selection of my favourites from this year


This was a magical morning in Dartmoor. I have seen mist in Dartmoor several times, but never as photogenic as this. When you head into Dartmoor for a dawn shoot, you don't go hoping for colourful Orange skies... you go hoping for vistas like this! The patches of mist ‘hung’ in pools, and laced through the trees. There was nothing for it, I was going to have to take several shots, and then spend the next day merging them together into a Panorama.

I was suffering with a flu bug, and throat infection, so how I managed to get up and out for dawn, and hike across the moors to the viewpoint at Leather tor, I don’t know!

Porth Nanven

Porth Nanven is always a beautiful beach, so it was really good to get some special light here. What I love is the quality of the light in this shot – you have the warm tones from the setting sun, but at the same time the light is soft and subtle. Look at the detail and texture in the two main rocks.

Poppies from Polly Joke

I waited for five years for the poppies to flower in this field, but it was worth the wait! Its just fantastic to have the field packed with poppies, with the iconic Cornish coastline in the distance.


I have been trying for ages to photograph bluebells in Cornwall (an often requested shot, and it has to be ‘Cornish’ Bluebells!). Finally this year at Lanhydrock, I managed a shot I was happy with. The Bluebells were right at the peak of their bloom, and I used telephoto lens to compress the perspective (make the flowers look closer together) and really emphasize the 'blue carpet' effect. The composition is simple, but the narrow depth of field allows the foreground tree stand out


Finally at bit of fun from the Olympics. This is from the women’s Road race, about 500m from the finish line. Fantastic atmosphere and great day out – and was so close to an Olympic event, I had to fit the wide angle lens! However this was a family day rather than a photo trip, so I was not in the best place photographically. With the rain, umbrellas went up, and I did not have space to pan the camera, so instead locked all the controls in manual, set a slow shutter speed to give a more arty effect, and panned the camera holding it above my head. With the wide angle (20mm) I was confident of getting the subject in the frame!

Thank you for reading. I hope you had a good year, and best wishes for 2013!

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