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06th April 2010
Sorry for the lack of updates recently, as the last 4 months or so have been quite a challenge, with a new addition to the family, the wife being seriously ill and various ailments for myself.

However before all that happened, I did get a chance to visit Chun Quoit in the wilds of West Penwith. I do find ancient monuments fascinating, and while the Cornish ones tend to be small of scale compared to the likes of Stonehenge or Avebury – they do have a certain charm. There are also quite a lot of them if you know where to look (hint: an OS map is a good starting point).

Chun Quoit sits on the hills above Pendeen. Despite the OS map, and the fact that the Quoit turned out to be visible from the road, it took me several attempts to actually find the place. In the end, I found the right car park, and the right path, and finally made it to the Quoit (which incidentally is the Cornish term for a chambered tomb).
As I trudged up the muddy path, I could not stop myself wondering about the people who built this tomb. Did they place the tomb on this high hill as a mark of respect to the deceased – or did they instead go for the most awkward location they could find out of spite?

However I am happy to report that the climb was well worth it. With the short stubby legs, and large oversized top stone, the Quoit forms a distinctive shape, and the views over the surrounding hills and sea were breathtaking. This really is a ‘Tomb with a view’!

The sun was approaching sunset, which gave me some superb light to work with. All I had to do was wait for the clouds to be in the right position to give some drama to the sky.

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