Inspiration (Part 1)

07th February 2016
I take photographs, therefore I am.. Of course. But why? Or more specifically what drives me to take the photos that I take? I often dwell on the thought process behind the what, why and wherefore of my photography - and usually as I'm driving through the night on route to location, having woken at 4am. Photographing at dawn is a case in point, for you never really know what weather and sky you will get until you’re there. The sun rises and the big reveal occurs. Will it be to my liking? Or will I be disappointed?

There is a famous quotation in photography: “There is no such thing as bad light, just misunderstood light”. However there is an undeniable fact that some light fires the inspiration and some does not. But is that a failure of nature or of me?

When you start photography, the camera is this mystical black box, full of buttons and dials and it’s a bit intimidating. But as you progress, once you have learnt to master the controls on the camera - have an understanding of post-production and how to display your work in print and on screen – then you learn that what really separates the great from the good is mastery of subject.

This is where our inspiration comes in. I am a firm believer that photography begins from within. We physically go forth, to experience the outdoors. We observe and we feel: the land, the weather, the light etc. Then the thought process begins, as we try to distill those feelings. Find the visual cues and composition to encapsulate them within an image. If you are looking for a nutshell - that is landscape photography.

A bit deep eh? It was a long drive out to St Michael’s Mount! Was it to my liking? The clouds were not in the right places, not where I wanted them. Give it a few minutes, the wind is strong so they will move quickly. The tide was good though, as were the waves which in particular caught my imagination. They were angling across the bay, and if I positioned myself well - from the right rock - the waves could form a dramatic ‘lead in’ right up to the Mount. With the picture in my mind, I set to work…

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