January Adventures

01st February 2016
After a near total washout in November and December, it felt so good to be back out and taking photos in January. Even so, photo opportunities were a little sparse. I did manage to enjoy a fantastic sunrise at Mevagissey. It’s a shot I have had my eye on for some time, looking out across the harbour from Polkrit hill to the south. I had tried this viewpoint before, but the light was not so good. This time, a dark storm cloud loomed above, with just enough sunlight breaking through to add a touch of warmth. The panoramic format works naturally here, but setting up the tripod and camera to shoot the sequence of images which makes up the panoramic image takes a little while. The trick is to get the tripod dead level so that camera pans straight. Of course, true to form, the rain started to fall just as I had finished faffing with the tripod and was ready to take the shots. I just had to go for it a quickly as I could – it took eight shots to complete the panorama, and if rain landed on the lens it would ruin the shot! Fortunately I got lucky, and the end photo looks fantastic, but it was a close call.

The stormy weather also saw me visit Porthleven. This is a popular location for stormy shots of waves crashing into the town harbour. A couple of years ago Porthleven got hit by some really bad storms, which threatened the clock tower. I stayed away then as I didn't want to photograph the death to such an impressive landmark. However it survived, and still makes a wonderful focal point when the waves are rolling in from the Atlantic.

Photo of the month.
This was from an adventure up onto Dartmoor. With a little snow fall, and promising sky, I headed up to Windy Post on the western fringes of the moors. The sky failed to fulfill its promises, and as I arrived, the clouds had completely cleared off. Nevertheless, I wrapped up and waited for dusk. The plan was to set the camera off on a really long exposure to capture the dusk turning into night. However just as the stars started to appear in the sky, the clouds returned, and it begin to rain... So I had to stop the exposure a lot earlier than expected. Fortunately the photo did capture some wonderful 'moody blue' dusk tones, together with the moonlight shimmering from the water in the foreground. The stars are there in the photograph, but they are rather faint, and you probably have to take my word, but a very successful failure of a photograph!

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